Cocaine Socialism


Almost two decades and the era of cocaine socialism still runs strong within the Labour party. Pushing one of those initial dominions in the Labour coup was Angela Eagle. Her award worth acting in which she sheds crocodile tears after a ‘heartfelt’ explanation of how Hillary Benns resignation in turn triggered her spontaneous resignation has to be admired for the talented display that one could almost mistake for human. Of course it completely negated the mention the registration of the ‘angela4leader’ domain name days before the beginning of the Labour coup. In a time where unity is needed Blairites look to their own self-serving interests and see an opportunity to undermine leadership that seeks to distance itself from its blue blood. No longer will Labour be undercover Tories trying to appear with the proletariat while really pushing a lite conservative agenda that doesn’t upset the bourgeoisie.

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London Living: Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Name: Evans & Peel Detective Agency


Location: 310c Earls Court Road, SW5 9BA

Description: Prohibition Bar

Stars/5: *****

Review: If you are only ever going to check out one speak-easy bar in London, Evans & Peel would be my choice. Why? Because it’s brilliant of-course! First advice is if you are going on a Friday or Saturday call up the detectives in advance so they can book you a time to see the detective.

After putting on your best nondescript over coat and inconspicuous shades, jump on the underground to Earls Court. Once you exit the station you might be surprised to find a blue police box in front of you. It is often a favourite parking spot for the Doctor’s TARDIS but lets not get too confused even if we are taking a trip bar to probation era New York. A short walk and you’ll find yourself at the detectives door.

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Musing: Sympathy For The Devil, A New Approach To Personality Disorders

“Who prays for the devil is praying for the one who needs it most.” A turn of phrase that is a slight variation on a Mark Twain quote to which he poses the precarious philosophical question; can we and should we feel compassion for someone that is the embodiment of everything we consider contradicts our humanity? The personification of the devil conjured up in my mind is someone whose a liar, a manipulator, a wolf in sheep’s skin, unable to love, incapable of empathy, self serving, charming fraudster whose falsehood leaves a wake of destruction in their path, the literal definition of a sociopath.

Now I need you to stop, take away the glitz and glam of heaven and hell from this individual and forget the story of Revelations. That is literally the definition of a sociopath… a prominent human condition, in fact according to many studies an infliction a significant number of the population may suffer from and if not personally suffering, almost certainly came in contact with someone who is.

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London Living: Primrose Hill


Name: Primrose Hill

Location: 51°32′23″N 0°09′39″W / 51.5396°N 0.1608°W / 51.5396; -0.1608

Description: Idyllic view of the city.

Details: Primrose hill has been on my agenda for a long time. It’s an obviously terribly kept secret (as everything in London is) in London’s Regents park, one of most popular green spaces in the city. You aren’t going to be the first person who has stumbled across this little gem, but it is a gem none the less.

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