Where To Look Online: Self Employment

So I’ve never been the self employment route but I know many people who have. If you like the idea of working for yourself or are struggling to find a profession that suits you this might be the perfect alternative. Here’s a little list of places you might want to check out to find out more.

Self Employment

Business Link – www.businesslink.gov.uk

J4B – www.j4b.co.uk

National Enterprise Network – http://goo.gl/09xyx

GLE Group – www.gle.co.uk

Business Start-Up Community – www.startupsnews.co.uk

Shell Live Wire – www.shell-livewire.org

NESTA – www.nesta.org.uk

InBiz – http://www.inbiz.co.uk/homepage

Action For The Blind – http://goo.gl/HHo4yv

Prime – www.primeinitiative.co.uk

Everyone Woman – www.everywoman.com

Centa Business Services – www.centa.co.uk

Enterprise First – http://www.enterprisefirst.co.uk/