Travel: All Purpose Travel Check List


I was exploring the Adventure Travel conference at the Kensington Olympia on Sunday and have come across a few materials that I’d like to turn into an all purpose travel list. Good for events ranging from festivals too back packing… or most importantly surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Carrying Security Sleeping
Wheelie Bag Money Trouser Belt Sleeping Bag
Top Loading Hide-Away Sleeping Bag Liner
Convertible Rucksack Padlock Tropical Quit
Kit Bag Chain Pillow / Pillow Case
Day sack Other  Baggage Security Neck Cushion
Shoulder Bag Essentials Sleep Mat
Rucksack Liner Knife Self Inflating Sleep Mat
Dry Bag Gaffa Tape Ground Sheet
Light / Fire Cord Hammock
Torch Washing Line Tent
Lighter Bath Plug Bivi
Matches Sewing Kit + Strong Thread Clothing
Tub Candle Safety Pins Long Sleeve Shirt x2
Flint Fire Lighter Electric Adaptor T-Shirt x2
Eating Power Chargers Sweatshirt
Mess Tins Calculator Tracksuit Bottoms
Bowl Ear Plugs Fleece / Insulating Layer
Cup Maps Thermals
Knife / Fork / Spoon Books Trouser x2
Spork Guide Books Shorts
Cooker Pocket Dictionary Swimwear
Fuel / Fuel Bottle Notebooks + Plan Underwear x3
Rations Compass Socks x3
Water Transparent Wallets Dress / Skirt / Sarong
Water Bottle 1 Litre Play Cards Waterproof / Poncho
Water Bottle 2 Litre Alarm Clock Boots – Walking
Bladder Bottle 2 Quart Watch Boots – Desert / Travel
Water Purification Chemicals Hygiene Sandals
Water Purification Pump  Wash Bag Hat
Millbanks  Soap Large Cotton Scarf
Health  Soap Box Gloves
Insect Repellents Toothpaste Tie
 Clothing Treatment Fold Toothbrush Documents
 Spatial Insecticide Razor Passports
First Aid Kit Travel Towel Visas
Medication Shower Gel Air/Travel Tickets
Sterile Injection Kit Toilet Papers Drivers Licence
Vitamins Laundry Soap Passport Photos
Anti Malaria Tablets Multi-Purpose Travel Photocopies of the above
Immunisation (inc Cert) Shampoo Document Wallet
Moisturising Lotion Comb Money
Sunscreen  Condoms Travellers Cheques
Other  Sanitary Protection Credit Card
Camera Hand Sanitiser Travel Insurance
Memory Card Hair Dryer Vaccination Certificates
Radio (Short Wave)
Swimming Goggles
Reading Glasses
Mobile Phone & Charger
Walking Pole
MP3 Player
International Adaptors



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