London Living: Primrose Hill


Name: Primrose Hill

Location: 51°32′23″N 0°09′39″W / 51.5396°N 0.1608°W / 51.5396; -0.1608

Description: Idyllic view of the city.

Details: Primrose hill has been on my agenda for a long time. It’s an obviously terribly kept secret (as everything in London is) in London’s Regents park, one of most popular green spaces in the city. You aren’t going to be the first person who has stumbled across this little gem, but it is a gem none the less.

It seemed a shame to waste a sunny spring day so myself and my girlfriend took the bus route up on the 274 from Marble Arch, jumping off at ZSL London Zoo (Stop J) which convenient takes you to the bottom of the park and made our way up through the slopes just before sunset.

I have to say, I am a fan of anywhere that gives you the cityscape of London, there is not a rooftop by I haven’t frequented on at least one occasion but Primrose hill is the first green space I’ve seen that gives you such a fantastic, awe-inspiring view the definitely wont disappoint. If you take the time to add a cheap bottle of wine from your nearest supermarket and you have spent a fraction of what you would do in in a one of these fancy London rooftop shindigs. The hill summit has a clear view of central London, as well as Hampstead and Belsize Park to the north, you will also be privy to the sight of many a couple who have take advantage of the scenery to score romance points to their scheduled kissing. One can see why though, the sunset on the sky of London provide the most phenomenal colours, making the sky look like it was painted by Van Gogh himself.

As the sun sets and the streetlights slowly flicker on the lights of the city turn the buildings into a fairy light chain that decorates the horizon. A sea of lights really helps you to grasp the extent of this huge city!

So if you are looking for a inexpensive date spot that doesn’t skimp on the opportunity to be a little romantic (just don’t think you are the first one or will be the only one to have thought this might be a plan), a nice place to reflect on the incredible city, if you want to take a trip inside an artists dream or just simply a nice place to walk in London, I highly suggest you take the time to give Primrose hill a looksy. I recommend to get the full experience, get there about 20 minutes before sunset to sit back, and enjoy the visual feast!

Credit to Emilija for the image.


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