London Living: Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Name: Evans & Peel Detective Agency


Location: 310c Earls Court Road, SW5 9BA

Description: Prohibition Bar

Stars/5: *****

Review: If you are only ever going to check out one speak-easy bar in London, Evans & Peel would be my choice. Why? Because it’s brilliant of-course! First advice is if you are going on a Friday or Saturday call up the detectives in advance so they can book you a time to see the detective.

After putting on your best nondescript over coat and inconspicuous shades, jump on the underground to Earls Court. Once you exit the station you might be surprised to find a blue police box in front of you. It is often a favourite parking spot for the Doctor’s TARDIS but lets not get too confused even if we are taking a trip bar to probation era New York. A short walk and you’ll find yourself at the detectives door.

IMG_1181_2Spoilers: Buzz the buzzer and say “Hello, I’m here to see the detective” to which you will hear a reply to the lines of “Do you have an appointment to see the detective?” to which you can respond “Yes” or “No” depending on wether you have made an reservation. Should they let you in you will descend into the detectives office. Second piece of advice: have a story of why you want to see the detective. Should the detective decide your case is ‘legitimate’ they’ll go to a dusty bookcase on the wall in the office and pull one of the books.

You then enter an incredible bar low lighting bar with a fantastic old feel of probation era New York. As far as secret bars go, it’s one of the larger ones and has an incredible atmosphere with post-modern jukebox often playing some brilliant tunes.

lYou are seated at a candle lit tables and presented with your complimentary popcorn and the menu. They are often happy to put their best mixologist on to solve your problems. Drinks are average cocktail prices but I have to say, personally I feel they are the best in London. They don’t skimp on taste or alcohol. My girlfriend being the sweet-tooth individual she is asked for a recommendation to which we were given some helpful advice and we weren’t disappointed when they drinks came. I’ve never tried the food here but I’ve heard good things from many friends who have told me if you like your wings and ribs it’s a treat! Also skip the skinny fries and get the loaded ones.

Another little treat is quite often on bands come in to bring the crowds in and it is well worth the added value to the experience. I’ve seen both Angelica’s Route and The Hotsie Totsies  play there who were both fantastic. Only slight word of warning is that while bigger than most probation bars its still quite an intimate experience, it might not be suitable for larger groups, other than that a brilliant spot to go on a date or just for an awesome and unique experience.

Huge thanks for the detectives for always facilitating a great time!


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