Working with young people: Reflective Practice

Working with young people: Reflective Practice Level 3 (2 credits)

Be able to reflect on own professional development in relation to working with young people

  • Evaluate own areas of strength and potential areas for development in working with young people.
    • Strengths
      • 98.9% Retention of young people on programme. I think this is because I am approachable, honest and a good communicator allowing me to set realistic expectations and seen as a supportive figure to young people who I work with.
      • 79.7% Of young people have moved on to a positive outcomes if they have kept in contact and received post programme support. I think I have been able to achieve this because I am competent at identifying peoples strengths and weakness and devising a plan of support. I think my passion for the work I do helps young people feel that they are getting genuine support and that gives them confidence in the support they are receiving.
      • I believe I am a clear and confident communicator, I have attended many events as a public speaker including a TEDx event. I think this helps young people understand and feel confident in the information they are receiving.
      • I am an empowering person, I’m good at being able to motivate people to enable positive change by leading by example and encouraging people who might not feel as confident in their own abilities.
      • I have a strong understanding of the issues that young people face. I have 3 years experience working in the youth sector and a wide network of contacts who support young people.
      • I have an high level of confidence in my networking ability, I good at establishing connections with both young people and delivery partners in order to create a strong relationship.
    • Potential areas for development
      • I work hard on completing paperwork but I don’t feel I do this to the highest standards that I am capable of.
      • I am developing my time management skills in order to be more effect when supporting young people.
      • I feel I could put more energy into understanding the business side of the operations on programmes.
  • Define achievable objectives for own professional development in working with young people.
    • I would like to be able to create a database of opportunities and contacts to help support young people into positive outcomes.
    • I’d like to maintain better records to monitor young peoples progression.
    • I’d like to do some work with young people that aren’t in the UK in the next few years.
  • Develop a plan to address identified areas for professional development in working with young people, ensuring objectives are SMART
    • Opportunity Database
      • Specific
        • Use Microsoft access to design a database that records the following information for a contact.
          • First Name
          • Last Name
          • Company
          • Job Title
          • Email
          • Web page
          • Industry
          • Business Phone
          • Mobile Phone
          • Address
          • Notes
          • Optional: Contact Call Log
        • Database will be able to monitor all contact and maintain relationships effectively.
      • Meaningful
        • It will help me to meet expectations if all database actively retains information of key contacts with easy access.
      • Action
        • I have the required technical skills to be able to create a working database retaining that information.
        • I have the contact information to populate database
        • I can maintain the database.
      • Realistic
        • Achieving positive outcomes in the programme executive role relies on having an established network of relevant youth sector partnerships. It would help enable young people to achieve a positive outcomes as well as maintaining effective relationships.
      • Time-oriented
        • Database can be created and populated in the space of a day but would need maintenance to be effective. This would be a proactive and productive use of time.
    • Maintain effective records of young peoples progression
      • Specific
        • Effective completion of the Young Peoples tracker and trust on track.
      • Meaningful
        • Records for young people are all up to date and completed is an important part of my role in supporting young people achieve positive outcomes
      • Action
        • This is an achievable target it time is managed effectively and give myself set times to maintain records
      • Realistic
        • Maintaining up to dates records is a key part of my role and is achievable
      • Time-oriented
        • Ongoing
    • Work with young people out of the UK
      • Specific
        • To support young people from outside of the United Kingdom to…
        • Gain a better understanding of the challenges young people in different countries face.
        • Travel and experience new places and cultures.
        • Understand youth services in different countries.
      • Meaningful
        • I feel that I that I would like to have more experiences in places that I haven’t explored. I think I would find it interesting to see what challenges young people face in other parts of the world and how best to support them.
      • Actions
        • Find opportunities that would allow me the opportunity to do youth work abroad.
        • Apply for relevant opportunities.
      • Realistic
        • I can achieve this by finding opportunities that enable me to do youth work abroad.
      • Time-orientated
        • Within the next 5 years.

Be able to review the effectiveness of own practice in relation to working with young people

  • Review progress against own development plan at regular intervals
    • Actions
      • Build in regular icebreakers and energizers
        • Action & Result: Developed a large range of ice-breakers to support young people on session. Was also able to use these to run 2 hours of Christmas party games in the office.
      • Further development of the My Journey session – Ensure equal time is spent on this and the group evaluation
        • Action & Result: Developed a new timetable template that allows more time for my journey session and breaks down the session into different delivery areas.
  • Obtain constructive feedback from a range of appropriate people on own professional performance in working with young people.
    • Get Started colleague Rachel Moulton on (Delivery Feedback)
      • Overall Feedback – “JB demonstrated high level of ability in managing various tasks and priorities throughout the day. YP and DP engagement remained positive and there was no impact on session/YP of any external issues disrupting the flow of delivery. YP and DP clearly respected JB who demonstrated confidence at all times. Completed all required sessions in line with the toolkit but what was more evident was how confident the group were within the team, all supported one another through various tasks and there was a high sense of achievement for all YP which is testament to JB’s delivery style.A couple of points below to consider but overall it was a very well run session.”
      • Aims /Objectives of sessions outlined for staff supporting session – “Morning Session – DP staff clearly understood their roles and responsibilities for the morning (completing a task with YP to identify potential criminals/crime followed by the completion of their Emergency First Aid). JB led the DP to start sessions and updated them on what he was doing – this allowed JB to address a number of YP issues that came up within the first couple of hours of the day.
      • Evaluation/MJ Session – DP lead invited to attend evaluation session of the programme. JB clearly outlined how the session was going to be run, for how long, what level of engagement he expected and why the session was important.  DP joined in at stages to encourage wider debate from the group on particular sessions they had enjoyed/would like to see changed.DP confidently managed by JB throughout the morning.”
      • Aims /Objectives of sessions outlined for young people on session – “Morning session – Morning session delayed in start as YP arrived late. Group introduced to the session by both JB and DP. Given an overview of the morning and allowed for any questions to be asked. Group kept together over break before leading into the second session of the morning. DP explained purpose and expectations of the session. Group all passed their Emergency First Aid and had fun throughout.
      • Evaluation/MJ session – JB introduced the session to the group, clearly outlining how they were going to feedback their thoughts and what the impact of this is.JB led the group through the session, reminding them on content from the week and encouraging thoughts and feedback from the group – kept a good flow to this so the group avoided dwelling on any negatives by focussing them on what changes would help the session.”
      • Personal Social Development embedded into the session? – Morning session – group had a good sense of team for both challenges in the morning. All encouraged one another and were happy to work in mixed teams. JB handled a variety of issues (pregnant YP, missing YP, ill YP and relationship break up!) without losing any YP throughout the day so definitely ticked ‘managing feelings’ for a high number of the group.
      • Evaluation/MJ session – evaluation of the programme was very thorough from the group which dipped in to the time spent on MJ. The group demonstrated a high level of the skills included in MJ throughout the morning but may benefit from increased focus on recognising/responded to what those skills are and where they have shown development.
      • Health & Safety e.g. venue briefings, risk assessments, responding to incidents –

        Group briefed on session where they were leaving the building – advised of expected behavior to maintain safety.JB responded well and managed all incidents that came up in the morning and there was no requirement to escalate as a result. JB ensured safety of all YP and completed a 1:1 with them on arrival to check in and review support needs.

      • YP with additional support needs – Pregnant YP well supported throughout. Incident in the morning where YP arrived upset – JB took time to understand what was going on and how best to support her. Made sure that she had eaten a meal before joining the rest of the group.YP had earlier called to advise that she felt unwell when on her way to the venue. JB maintained contact with her throughout the morning and took a similar approach as above to continue her involvement through the day.
      • Feedback on general attitude, approach and style of delivery. How did the session meet the needs of the YP? – JB’s approach, personable style and all round encouraging attitude set the tone for all sessions. The positive environment of the day was not affected by the individual issues of the YP arriving late which demonstrates how well JB handled this. JB struck the right balance of resolving issues while continuing to maintain the positive engagement of a very vocal and quite extrovert group. Group clearly respected JB as they listened and focussed on tasks when asked without taking all of the fun out of a session for them. There were a number of strong characters in the group who JB managed well by being personable but firm. Group clearly responded well by being treated by adults, the whole evaluation/MJ session flowed well and was enjoyed by all rather than feeling simply feeling like a form to fill in.
      • Programme Executive Comments –

        Very impressed by how JB manages DP, YP issues and positive input in sessions. Not an easy thing to do on final day but JB managed this all without anyone else picking up on any stress/worry. Promoted a celebratory feel throughout the day for the group who clearly enjoyed the programme.JB responded well to incidents, clearly knows how to prioritise tasks as and when they come up. Is very much YP focussed on what the group are getting out of the day while delivering everything to quality standard. Really enjoyed seeing how JB delivered his final day, and I’ve already used some ideas from his evaluation session on my last programme (thank you!).

      • Further Actions / On-going areas for development
        • Potentially include a team building exercise/icebreaker to start the morning so YP who have arrived on time are kept busy while waiting for others.
        •  Recommend a quick energiser after lunch. The group were generally very vocal but a couple of YP were quiet/a bit sleepy after break.
        •  Potentially consider how the session could be more balanced between feedback and MJ content as the evaluation discussion took much more time (though generally because the group had a lot to say).
        •  Could consider splitting the group into teams and asking them to present back to the group. This would ensure that all YP have to engage and share their thoughts on the week and poses another challenge to work as a team.
        •  Increase time given to MJ – opportunity for group to reflect more on what skills they have developed. Maybe ask the group to share one skill they feel like they have improved on, or the group could maybe review each other on a positive skill they have improved on?
    • Deliver  Partner Louise Bishop on Delivery Feedback.DP Evaluation 12DP Evaluation 22
    • Young Person Feedback on Delivery Feedback
      • Ikram – Get Started with Theatre
        How have I demonstrated the Prince’s Trust values (Approachable, Non-Judgmental, Inspiring, Empowering, Passionate)?
        I know that Jamie is a very supportive and encouraging person who ensures you will always have opportunities there for you and I feel like I can trust him and is definitely approachable to talk and confide in.
        Do you feel I effectively communicate with you?
        Yes, I feel Jamie is definitely very well spoken and always ensures I get all the right information and the right steps to get there, and the right events to go to, and he always communicates through emails and provides the right information is communicated thoroughly.
        How did you find my delivery style on programme and post programme?
        Jamie is delivery style is very clearly understood and done in a very charismatic way and provides all the relevant information that involves the programmes essential information and what it entitles.
        What are the things I do well and where could I improve/develop?
        Not much improvement, if I had to say anything just maybe if there were any funds in the programme that you might be involved in.
        What would you have liked me to do more of?
        Just keep on being you; you never give up on us
      • Sashana– Get Started with Web Design
        How have I demonstrated the Prince’s Trust values (Approachable, Non-Judgemental, Inspiring, Empowering, Passionate)?

         I find that from doing the course in September it has been great having you as a mentor, since being on the course and even until this day (3-4 months after), you have always encouraged myself and those who took part in the Web-Designing course to be as involved as possible in up and coming events which are likely to help in the future, career-wise and that might include – Get Hired, Get Into/Started, links to vacancies and/or voluntary work and have always had good communication skills, in an aspiring and non-judgmental way.
         Do you feel I effectively communicate with you?
        I find that, if not for your communication skills I wouldn’t have had the experience I have had, in the entertainment/TV industry, I wouldn’t have been to gain work experience on a live set, or come into contact with those, who might just be a credibility to my future.
        How did you find my delivery style on programme and post programme?
        You always came across as passionate about delivering the course, and working for The Prince’s Trust. I always find it to be an important thing when one is happy to represent what they do and love. Your delivery to the programme, and programmes to come in the future have been clear, and always very useful.
         What are the things I do well and where could I improve/develop?
        What you do well, is making sure that everyone who has done at least one course with The Prince’s Trust is kept up to date with the latest information, that might be of interest to what we might want to do in the future, whether it’s a career for life, or an opportunity to help us on our way.
    • Colleague Feedback Other Team Robin Browne – Young Ambassador Executive
      Jamie has shown consistent dedication to professional development and seeking ways to improve his practice in youth work. In the two years that I’ve known him he’s used this dedication to progress his career, advancing in grade from Job Ambassador, through Senior Job Ambassador to Outreach Executive, and then making his most recent sideways move to Get Started Executive. He fleshes out his portfolio with a number of other pursuits, not least his digital expertise and the effect of technology on social mobility, and his erstwhile role as a Young Ambassador.I’m always impressed when reminded that the motivations behind Jamie’s every action are very clear, to wit, the needs, wishes and best interests of young people. As this more or less aligns with his team’s strategic aims, his commitment in this way has enormous impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of his practice. Little or no effort is wasted on anything not judged to be in young people’s interests, and a great deal of effort is put in to tasks that are.
      I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the relationships Jamie forms with young people, and yet again the key word has to be dedication. Jamie has strong belief in our programmes (built upon the personal experience he freely shares). This means he strongly encourages his young people to stick with our programmes and ancillary services (such as those provided by V&S and OAO) to their benefit. I believe this ultimately provides those young people (and The Trust) with more positive outcomes.
       He also has a strong awareness of the further support that’s available inside and outside The Trust, for example LLN support, further funding and further training that may benefit individual young people on a case-by-case basis. I’m aware of one particular young person who has secured a job within The Trust; Jamie has worked with her and other staff to ensure additional needs assessments and workplace adjustments are in place so she can successfully start and maintain the role. Furthermore, Jamie is a constant delight to work with, a feeling I’m sure is shared between our colleagues and young people.
    • Manager’s Feedback Meghan Roach – Programme ManagerI have been Jamie’s Programme Manager for one year. During this period, Jamie has progressed over 120 young people through the Get Started programme in London. Jamie’s passionate approach and high energy enables him to quickly build rapport with the young people he works with. He is very competent in delivering group workshops to young people from diverse backgrounds and is able to appropriately manage challenging behaviour. Jamie also closely supports young people on a one-to-one basis with their next steps, helping them to identify suitable outcomes and build action plans at the end of the programme. Young people tend to feel comfortable discussing challenges they are facing with Jamie, or asking him for advice.Jamie is a very creative member of the team and frequently seeks opportunities to innovate and bring about an improved experience for the young people he works with. Jamie engages effectively with a range of external organisations and has supported the team to establish a number of new working relationships. Jamie is proactive in getting involved in additional events outside of his role, and contributes positively to both the internal and external reputation of The Prince’s Trust.Key areas of development for Jamie this year are to refine the quality of his programme reporting and to strengthen methods used for effective and consistent programme and delivery partner management.
    • National Team Feedback Mona Boghdadi – National Programme Executive
      Approachable -Jamie is always on hand to help and willing to take on roles outside of his day to day work. For example- sitting on one of the Insight project teams. I often find myself going to Jamie for advice/help/consultation on projects that I work on as I know he is always willing to help and will provides detailed and valuable input.
      Inspiring and passionate – when speaking to Jamie his passion for young people is clear, not only is he an inspiration to young people but also to staff. He is the biggest advocate for the Prince’s Trust and our work and can use his story and journey with the Trust to inspire others, however he often does this simply by just being him. He is Always ready to muck in and get his hands dirty and comes up with great and innovative ideas- sometimes I think he is a bit to innovative for us to keep up with him.
      Empowering- last week I left work at 19.30, Jamie traveled to head office and was sitting in reception waiting to buy one of his YP a travel card so he could travel to his fantastic new job that Jamie helped him secure! This is just one of many YP that Jamie has empowered to change his life! Jamie also has the ability to broker great partnerships with training/outcomes providers and has secured many opportunities for young people.
      Do you feel I effectively communicate with you?   Jamie is always clear when asking for information and explaining exactly what he would like, he is also very articulate when expressing opinions or how he feels something should be done.

      What are your thoughts on my communication style to young people?

      • Very encouraging and supportive, using logic and reason to explain things, which YP really listen to and take on board.
      • When you gave the presentation skills talk to Peckham Team before there celebration, your words really resonated with the group, especially the statement that ‘people are busy and haven’t traveled after work and stayed late to watch them fail’. The simple yet effective statement was almost a light bulb moment where they realised that everyone was there to celebrate them and they should relax and enjoy it.

      What are the things I do well and where could I improve/develop?

      Do well and do more of

      • Putting young people first and continue represent their views.
      • Wanting to be the most effective you can be at your role and help others be the most effective at theirs. Very proactive in booking a national induction and very keen to understand processes and how everything works.
      • Work with young people at the heart of everything that you do, being helpful during consultations or project groups.


      • Project management skills, the role of a GS exec is challenging with the amount of admin and programme set, this is a hard juggling act especially when the main focus is trying to support yp and get them into outcomes. In my opinion any job which involves working with yp never has enough hours in the day, as there is always support which you could be giving to a young person, any yp on Jamies programmes are very lucky!
  • Revise own development plan in light of self-reflection and feedback received
    • My feedback on the whole is mainly positive especially around delivery where most people interactions are. My development plan and area’s of development focus around attention to detail on paperwork and records. On reflection I believe these are the right area’s I need to be targeting for my development in the role which is why they are the focus of my current development plan.

Be able to keep up to date with policies and developments relevant to working with young people

  • Assess how identified developments may affect own role and future development needs
    • I think that the changing shape or the job market and the switch over between the a industrialised economy to a digital economy is going to change the way we support young people to take their place in the digital world. In my opinion I think we have negated the human cost of aggressive digital expansion in this country, predominately by trying to impart industrialised social values on to a generation growing up in the digital revolution. This can be evidenced through the implementation in some countries of minimum standard of living costs regardless of working situation. I think this will effect our jobs as Youth Workers as we will need to deliver more content that is applicable to the jobs available and also I believe we will get more young people suffering from mental health problems as this time of disruption between contrasting economic systems drives a change in principles and beliefs.
    • An area I feel is important to my development needs within the role is surrounding the training to support those with mental health issues. Mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy will be essential to supporting young people on Prince’s Trust Programmes.