Musing: Sympathy For The Devil, A New Approach To Personality Disorders

“Who prays for the devil is praying for the one who needs it most.” A turn of phrase that is a slight variation on a Mark Twain quote to which he poses the precarious philosophical question; can we and should we feel compassion for someone that is the embodiment of everything we consider contradicts our humanity? The personification of the devil conjured up in my mind is someone whose a liar, a manipulator, a wolf in sheep’s skin, unable to love, incapable of empathy, self serving, charming fraudster whose falsehood leaves a wake of destruction in their path, the literal definition of a sociopath.

Now I need you to stop, take away the glitz and glam of heaven and hell from this individual and forget the story of Revelations. That is literally the definition of a sociopath… a prominent human condition, in fact according to many studies an infliction a significant number of the population may suffer from and if not personally suffering, almost certainly came in contact with someone who is.

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